Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

Press Release

Contact: Karen Malec, 847-421-4000

April 16, 2012


Susan G. Komen for the Cure Causes More Breast Cancers by Funding Planned Parenthood, Denying Abortion-Breast Cancer Link and Downplaying Pill-Breast Cancer Link, Charges the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer notes that Susan G. Komen for the Cure - which attempted earlier this year to withdraw from its long-standing relationship with Planned Parenthood, but was subsequently subjected to an orchestrated mafia shakedown - will resume funding the abortion giant, according to the Washington Post. [1-3]


“Women will die, as Komen violates its supposed mission to fight breast cancer,” asserted Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.


“Planned Parenthood sells cancer-causing abortions and oral contraceptives (the birth control pill). According to medical texts, increased childbearing, starting before age 24, substantially reduces breast cancer risk. Fifty-two of 68 studies and biological and experimental evidence link abortion with increased risk. [4,5] The World Health Organization lists estrogen-progestogen oral contraceptives as a risk factor for cancers of the breast, liver and cervix. [6] Oral contraceptives are strongly linked with the deadly triple-negative breast cancer. [7,8]


“It’s unfortunate that Komen founder Nancy Goodman Brinker lacks the strength of character needed to protect women from Planned Parenthood’s war on their health. Brinker wilted under fire from Planned Parenthood’s orchestrated mafia shakedown. Shockingly, even Big Media journalists and 26 members of Congress participated in it.”


“Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms and breast cancer treatment. It provides manual breast exams and refers women elsewhere for mammograms.”


The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer is an international women’s organization founded to protect the health and save the lives of women by educating and providing information on abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer.




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