Scientific Review Recommends Informing Patients about Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Risks of Birth Control Pills and Menopausal Therapy. Oct. 30, 2014 (PDF or Mobile View)

Scientific Review of 72 Epidemiological Studies, Biological Evidence Supports Abortion-Breast Cancer Link. July 24, 2014 (PDF or Mobile View)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Applauds Supreme Court’s Decision on Contraceptive Mandate, Decries Government’s War on Women’s Health. June 30, 2014 (PDF or Mobile View)

Indian Study: Abortion Multiplies Breast Cancer Risk by 2.8 Times. April 30, 2014 (PDF or Mobile View)

In Lawsuits Against Contraceptive Mandate, U.S. Supreme Court Will Learn of World Health Organization Designation of Birth Control Pill as Cancer-Causing Agent. March 20, 2014 (PDF or Mobile View)

Study of 36 Chinese Abortion-Breast Cancer Studies a “Game Changer,” Says Scientist. December 2, 2013 (PDF or Mobile View)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer to File Amicus Brief with Supreme Court Stating World Health Organization Classifies the Pill as Group 1 Carcinogen. November 27, 2013 (PDF or Mobile View)

Federal Appeals Court Slaps Down ObamaCare Mandate, Says World Health Organization Classified the Birth Control Pill as Cancer-Causing. November 7, 2013 (PDF or Mobile View)

Bangladesh Study: Induced Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk By More Than 20-Fold! Aug. 14, 2013 (PDF or Mobile View)

Indian Study: Abortion Increases Breast Cancer Risk Six-Fold. July 1, 2013 (PDF or Mobile View)

Latest Danish Study’s Reported Findings on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Are Hyperinflated. April 24, 2013 (PDF or Mobile View)

Researchers Find Nearly 90% Increase in Advanced Breast Cancers in 33 Years, But Ignore Elephants in Living Room - Links to Abortion and Use of Hormonal Contraceptive Steroids. March 4, 2013 (click here)

Planned Parenthood’s Cancer War on Women Continues 40 Years After U.S. Supreme Court Made Induced Abortion Legally Accessible Throughout Pregnancy January 22, 2013 (click here)

Studies from France, China Report Breast Cancer Risk Climbs With Number of Abortions December 3, 2012 (click here)

Congressional Candidate Doug LaMalfa Was Right the First Time: Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk September 13, 2012 (click here)

New Book, Planned Bullyhood, Exposes Planned Parenthood’s Shakedown of Cancer Group Susan G. Komen for the Cure  September 11, 2012 (click here)

We Are Woman Rally, ObamaCare Mandate Represent War on Women’s Health  August 16, 2012 (click here)

Study: Recent Depo Provera Use Increases Invasive Breast Cancer Risk 2.2-fold When Used 12 Months or More June 11, 2012 (click here)

Chinese Study: “Women With a Previous Induced Abortion Had a Significant Increased Risk of Breast Cancer” May 15, 2012 (click here)

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Causes More Breast Cancers by Funding Planned Parenthood, Denying Abortion-Breast Cancer Link and Downplaying Pill-Breast Cancer Link, Charges the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer April 16, 2012 (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Chastises Uninformed Democratic Senators: Planned Parenthood Doesn't Do Mammograms and Damages Women's Health / Susan G. Komen for the Cure Was Right to Halt Planned Parenthood Funding February 3rd, 2012 (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Applauds Susan G. Komen for the Cure for Temporarily Halting Grants to Planned Parenthood, But Remains Its Critic for Cooperating in Abortion-Breast Cancer Cover-up and Downplaying the Risk of the Birth Control Pill February 1, 2012 (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Chastises the U.K.'s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for Deceiving Women About Abortion-Breast Cancer Link November 29, 2011 (click here)

Armenian Study: Induced Abortion Nearly Triples Breast Cancer Risk November 28, 2011 (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Challenges CBS News, to Debate Abortion-Breast Cancer Link October 24, 2011 (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Condemns Indiana University Simon Cancer Center (IUSCC), Indiana Legislators for Depriving Women of the Right to Know about the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link July 5, 2011 (click here)

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' Drafted Guidelines on Abortion Cover Up Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Say Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, Researchers February 22, 2011  (click here)

Scientist: Abortion Caused Over 300,000 Additional Breast Cancer Deaths Since Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision / Experts privately acknowledge abortion-breast cancer link, but say it's too political to discuss publicly January 17, 2011  (click here)

New York Times Falsely Claims National Cancer Institute Denied Abortion-Breast Cancer Link October 13, 2010  (click here)

Microbiologist Exposes National Cancer Institute's Cover-Up of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link  October 7, 2010   (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Identifies Six Myths About Breast Cancer October 4, 2010   (click here)

Study: Abortion More Than Triples Breast Cancer Risk Among Sri Lankans June 22, 2010 (click here)

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid Show Anti-Woman Bias with Abortion Mandate / Ignore National Cancer Institute Branch Chief's Admission of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link March 24, 2010 (click here)

Illinois Bill, "Reproductive and Health Access Act," Would Increase Breast Cancer, Premature Birth Rates, Reports Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer March 10, 2010 (click here)

Obama's Abortion Mandate in Healthcare Would Increase Breast Cancer Deaths, Premature Births / Women's Group Rebukes Obama, Reid, Pelosi March 9, 2010 (click here)

Groups Request Congressional Investigation of National Cancer Institute's Misinformation on Breast Cancer Risks of Abortion, Oral Contraceptives January 25, 2010 (click here)

2nd Breast Cancer Scandal: National Cancer Institute Researcher Louise Brinton Reverses Position, Finally Admits Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk in Study that Fingers Oral Contraceptives as a Probable Cause of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer January 6, 2010 (click here)

Study: Chinese Women With Abortions Have Statistically Significant  17% Increased Breast Cancer Risk / Scientist Argues Researchers Underestimated Risk November 11, 2009 (click here)

Regional Cancer Center Expert, Carmen Ligia-Pisc, Is Either Lying or Uninformed About Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer / Expert Challenged to Debate Risk October 22, 2009 (click here)

Study: Pregnancy Outcomes Influence Breast Cancer Risk September 8, 2009 (click here)

Study: Turkish Women with Abortions Have Statistically Significant 66% Increase in Breast Cancer Risk / Researchers Likely Underestimated the Risk, Reports Scientist July 28, 2009 (click here)

WOMEN'S GROUP CHALLENGES SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR THE CURE TO DEBATE BREAST CANCER RISK / Expects Komen to Duck the Challenge June 24, 2009 (click here)

School Board's Decision in Willamina, Oregon Will Put Students at Risk for Three Cancers May 19, 2009 (click here)

Legislative Measures at Federal, State Levels will Worsen Breast Cancer, Premature Birth Epidemics March 19, 2009 (click here)

Obama’s Suppression of Health Care Workers’ Conscience Rights will Worsen Breast Cancer, Premature Birth Epidemics February 27, 2009 (click here)

Video Exposes Breast Cancer Group, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Its Gifts to Planned Parenthood February 10, 2009 (click here)

Medical Malpractice Explains High Premature Birth Rate Among Black Americans, Report Researchers / Only Full Term Pregnancies Reduce Mothers’ Breast Cancer Risk December 2, 2008 (click here)

The Dangerous Masquerade of the Feminist Majority Foundation November 18, 2008 (click here)

Breast Cancer Cover-Up Featured in Two You Tube Videos October 2, 2008 (click here)

California Study Denying Abortion-Cancer Link is Fraudulent, Says Scientist June 11, 2008 (click here)

Susan G. Komen's Funding of Planned Parenthood Causes Diocese to Discourage Support / Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Praises Decision March 31, 2008 (click here)

Oncologists at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are Either Liars or Uniformed, Says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer March 14, 2008 (click here)

Medical Journal: Federal Agencies, Academicians Suppress Evidence of Breast Cancer Risk Factors March 3, 2008 (click here)

Medical Journal Shows How to Reduce Rates of Breast Cancer, Premature Birth December 11, 2007 (click here)

The Actuary: Breast Cancer Epidemic's Impact From Abortion on Insurance, Health Care through 2029 Is Serious November 7, 2007 (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Challenges Science Blogs Bloggers to Act Like Genuine Experts October 26, 2007 (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Challenges Columnist to Publicly Debate Abortion-Cancer Link October 10, 200 7(click here)

Childbearing Protects Women from Breast Cancer Only When Mothers Deliver at 32 Weeks Gestation or Later October 4, 2007 (click here)

New Study Shows 'Best Predictor of Breast Cancer' October 3, 2007 (click here)

Medical Journal: Flawed Study Underestimated Breast Cancer Risk of Abortion Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Urges Journalists to Hold Researchers' Feet to the Fire June 4, 2007 (click here)

New Abortion-Cancer Study Severely Flawed, Says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer / Group Calls on Journalists to Challenge Researchers to Do a Proper Study April 23, 2007 (click here)

Coalition Warns Texas Legislators: Taxpayers, Insurance Consumers Pay for Abortion Risks - Breast Cancer, Premature Birth / Coalition Asks, "Why Fund Planned Parenthood?" April 18, 2007 (click here)

Coalition Berates American Cancer Society for Withholding Cancer Evidence April 12, 2007 (click here)

Phony Illinois Parental Notice Bill Puts Teens' Health at Risk March 7, 200 (click here)

Oxford Scientists Reported Risk of Using Hormone Replacement Therapy in 1987 / "Why Weren't Women Told?", asks Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer December 18, 2006(click here)

Renowned Surgeon Presents Evidence of Abortion/Breast Cancer Link November 1, 2006 (click here)

Oxford Study Denying Abortion-Cancer Link "Seriously Flawed in the Direction of Covering Up the Link" October 18, 2006 (click here)

Cancer Fundraising Businesses Put Ideology, Fundraising Before Women's Health, Says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer September 28, 2006 (click here)

Press Misses Huge Story about National Academies of Science Recognition of Abortion-Premature Birth Link, Says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer September 3, 2006 (click here)

National Academies of Science: Abortion Linked to Subsequent Premature Birth / Link Supports Abortion as Risk Factor for Breast Cancer July 27, 2006 (click here)

Democrats' Abortion Politics Trumps Women's Healthcare / Like Tobacco-State Congressmen, Democrats Protect Cancer-Causing Industry, Influence Scientific Decision-Making July 19, 2006 (click here)

Women's Group Disgusted by Mayo Clinic's Misinformation about Abortion-Cancer Link June 15, 2006 (click here)

Glamour Magazine Challenged to a Debate on Abortion-Cancer Link April 20, 2006 (click here)

8th Medical Organization Acknowledges Abortion-Cancer Link April 4, 2006 (click here)

Breast Cancer Rates Reach Nearly 275,000 Cases / Deaths Increase / Cancer Fundraising Businesses Not Interested in Prevention, Still Lying About Abortion-Cancer Link February 20, 2006 (click here)

Women's Cancer Deaths Up, Men's Down / Women's Group Berates American Cancer Society February 16, 200 6(click here)

7th Medical Organization Recognizes Abortion-Cancer Link / International Group of Obstetricians/Gynaecologists Finds Significant Risk Increase December 7, 2005 (click here)

Medical Journal: Research Used to Deny Abortion-Cancer Link Is Seriously Flawed December 1, 2005 (click here)

Women's Group: The More Money Women Raise for Cancer Businesses, the More Breast Cancer They Get October 24, 2005(click here)

Women's Group Warns about Von Eschenbach's Appointment as Acting FDA Commissioner September 26, 2005(click here)

Redbook, Mislead Women about Abortion-Cancer Link, says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer September 21, 2005(click here)

Abortion-Cancer Research Presented at National Institute for Demographic Studies September 9, 2005(click here)

Glamour Magazine Disinforms Readers about Abortion-Cancer Link, Says the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer August 15, 2005(click here)

British Researcher to Report Abortion-Cancer Findings at American Statistical Association Meeting on Wednesday August 9, 2005(click here)

Bioethics Journal: U.S. National Cancer Institute Covers Up Abortion-Cancer Link May 16, 2005(click here)

Women's Group Denounces Breast Cancer Fundraising Scam May 3, 2005(click here)

Medical Journal: Abortion-Cancer Link Has Malpractice Implications for Doctors March 28, 2005(click here)

Women's Group Educates State Lawmakers about Abortion-Breast Cancer Link January 10, 2005(click here)

Second Abortion-Cancer Lawsuit in U.S. Successfully Prosecuted (click here)

Former Komen Adviser to Speak about Abortion-Cancer Link at Illinois Conference (click here)

Associated Press Censors Abortion-Breast Cancer Facts, Women's Group Says (click here)

Ideology Trumps Science Again, Says Coalition on Abortion / Breast Cancer December 17, 2004 (click here)

Bioethics Journal Charges Lancet, Scientific Community with Cancer Cover Up / CBS and Associated Press, Nevertheless, Represent Lancet Article as Authoritative November 30, 2004(click here)

Women's Group Condemns Removal of Abortion-Cancer Warning by Louisiana Health Officials (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Criticizes Supreme Court's Refusal to Hear Lawsuit (click here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer: Like Big Tobacco, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Covers Up Abortion-Cancer Link October 5, 2004(click here)

Komen Foundation Rocked by Resignation of Latina Adviser September 27, 2004 (click here)

Medical Journals Censoring Scientific Debate on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Says Women's Group August 17, 2004 (click here)

British Journal of Cancer: Legal Abortions Are "Best Predictor of British Breast Cancer Trends"  July 2, 2004 (click here)

Women's Group Cheers Breast Cancer Patient Who Returned Wig to Susan G. Komen Foundation / Patient Cited Komen's Denial of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Support for Planned Parenthood May 21, 2004 (click here)

Women's Group Tells Cancer Establishment: You're Responsible for Women's Deaths April 28, 2004 (Click here)

Women's Group Rebukes Minnesota Governor, Health Department for Eliminating Abortion-Breast Cancer Information from Website April 20, 2004 (Click here)

Women's Group Accuses Lancet, Oxford Scientists of Misrepresenting Abortion-Breast Cancer Research / Review Excluded Studies Reporting Large Risk Elevations April 16, 2004 (Click here)

Women's Group Applauds British MP's Abortion-Cancer Probe / Criticizes Dr. Stuart Donnan's Hypocrisy January 26, 2004 (Click here)

Women's Group Denounces Minnesota Governor's Decision to Minimize Abortion-Breast Cancer Findings January 14, 2004 (Click here)

Women's Group Criticizes Decision to Conceal Abortion-Breast Cancer Research from South Dakota Women January 7, 2004 (Click here)

Women's Group Slams American Medical Association's Effor to Conceal Abortion-Breast Cancer Research January 2, 2004 (Click here)

Medical Group Endorses Legislation Requiring Doctors to Warn About Abortion Breast Cancer Risk November 12, 2003 (Click here)

Medical Group Favors Disclosure of Abortion Breast Cancer Link November 3, 2003 (Click Here)

First U.S. Abortion-Breast Cancer Lawsuit Settled October 22, 2003 (Click Here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer tells Cancer Organizations: Stop Cooperating with the Government Cover-Up of the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link October 2, 2003 (Click Here)

Women's Group Condemns North Dakota Supreme Court Decision, Urges Media Not to Abandon its Role as Watchdog of Government September 26, 2003 (Click Here)

Abortion-Breast Cancer Cover-up to be Discussed at Association of American Physicians and Surgeons 60th Meeting September 12, 2003 (Click Here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Condemns Congressman Henry Waxman, Minority Staff of Committee on Government Reform August 18, 2003 (Click Here)

Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Hormones Discussed at National Lawyers Association Conference August 11, 2003 (Click Here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Cheers Texas Informed Consent Legislation June 23, 2003 (Click Here)

Medical Journal Article Denounces Bias of Scientists/President of Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Authors Article June 3, 2003 (Click Here)

Women's Group Applauds Informed Consent Legislation Says It Shows Loss of Credibility for National Cancer Institute May 26, 2003 (Click Here)

NCI Scientists Tell Women: Better that You Develop Breast Cancer than Have Our Scientific Misconduct Exposed February 27, 2003 (Click Here)

Study Says Tell Women about Research Exploring Abortion-Breast Cancer Link; Study Offered as CME Course to Ob/Gyns 30 years after Roe v. Wade January 20, 2003 (Click Here)

National Cancer Institute: Still Guilty of Scientific Misconduct December 17, 2002 (Click Here)

A Slap in the Face For Breast Cancer Awareness Month; 12 Congressmen Want Re-Publication of Erroneous NCI Web Page Regarding ABC Link October 28, 2002 (Click Here)

National Physicians Center Acknowledges Abortion-Breast Cancer Link; Women's Group Calls on Illinois Attorney General Candidate, Lisa Madigan, To Retract Statement Denying Evidence September 16, 2002 (Click Here)

National Breast Cancer Coalition Chided for Politicizing Abortion-Breast Cancer Research, Attempts to Intimidate US Rep. Hostettler August 21, 2002 (Click Here)

Breast Cancer Activists Skewer ABC News: Accuse ABC and New York Presbyterian Medical Center Professor of Telling Half Truths About Risk Factors August 13, 2002 (Click Here)

Self Magazine Enters Disinformation Campaign July 25, 2002 (Click Here)

National Cancer Institute Pulls Inaccurate Web Page Repudiating Abortion-Breast Cancer Link July 2nd, 2002 (Click Here)

Experts Argue in Lancet Oncology Whether to Inform Women About Risk May 28th, 2002 (Click Here)

Women's Group Tells Press: Ask Anti-Cancer Groups Hard Questions May 9th, 2002 (Click Here)

North Dakota Judge Denies Women Informed Consent March 30th, 2002 (Click Here)

California Judge Decides Free Speech Trumps Women's Rights to Informed Consent March 28th, 2002 (Click Here)

National Cancer Institute Shamelessly Carries on Cover-Up March 20th, 2002 (Click Here)

Women's Group Announces Abortion-Breast Cancer Commercial February 12th, 2002 (Click Here)

Women's Group Laments the Deaths of Thousands January 22, 2002 (Click Here)

World's First Abortion-Breast Cancer Settlement December 28, 2001 (Click Here)

Medical Establishment Adopts Joe Camel's Strategy December 11, 2001 (Click Here)

Chicago Parent, Y-Me and Northwestern University Physician Misinform Women About The Abortion-Breast Cancer Research (Click Here)

Abortion-Breast Cancer Statistics Far Worse Than Reported October 5, 2001 (Click Here)

Women's Group Accuses Redbook of Misrepresenting Breast Cancer Research. September 6, 2001 (Click Here)

Women's group lauds abortion-breast cancer suit against Planned Parenthood. August 17, 2001 (Click Here)

British Physician, Thomas Stuttaford, does about-face on abortion-breast cancer link. June 19, 2001 (Click Here)

Susan G Komen Foundation: Putting ideology ahead of women's lives. July 18, 2001 (Click Here)

ABC Statement on Senate Resolution 8 May 23, 2001 (Click Here)

An international women's organization denounced National Public Radio (NPR) for its bias against nearly a half of a century of research published in esteemed medical journals and implicating abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer. July 12, 2001 (Click Here)

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Corinne Wood Opposes Women's Health Issue; Fails to Win Support of Her Party. May 24, 2001 (Click Here)

Women's Group Asks: Why Aren't Women Being Told About the Most Preventable Cause of Breast Cancer? May 11, 2001 (Click Here)

Baseball Season Opens With New Billboard About Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, April 12, 2001. (Click Here)

Women's Organization Accuses MAMM of Misleading Public About Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, March 28, 2001 (Click Here)

International Women's Coalition Urges Media to Report Abortion Breast Cancer Research Objectively, March 7, 2001 (Click Here)

Coalition Mourns Deaths of Thousands Due to Abortion-Induced Breast Cancer on 28th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 18, 2001 (Click Here)

British Medical Profession to Warn Women of Breast Cancer Risk in Abortion (Click Here)

New England Journal of Medicine Recognizes Abortion-Breast Cancer Link (Click Here)

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Says That Women Have a Right To Know About Abortion-Breast Cancer Link (Click Here)

Abortion/Breast Cancer Coalition Says Veto Will Harm Women's Health June 11, 2000 (Click Here)

Catholic Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota Embarks on ad campaign to educate women about Abortion-Breast Cancer Link (Click Here)

Abortion/Breast Cancer Coalition Urges Governor: Sign Medicaid Abortion Ban (Click Here)