Public Policy


The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link is Becoming A Great Concern in Public Policy.

Please take a moment to see what is being said about this very important issue.

  • Commentary on National Cancer Institute’s March 6, 2002 Fact Sheet, by Scott Moon, M.D., Mississippi Radiation Oncologist, March 2002 (Article)
  • Possible link between abortion & breast cancer summarily dismissed by abortion supporters and media / Critics say Women's E News jumps on disinformation bandwagon; RFM News, February 25, 2002 (Article)
  • The Abortion-Breast Cancer Research: What it Means for Lisa Madigan and Company September 20, 2002 (Article)
  • For information regarding Woman's Right to Know Legislation, please refer to the website for Americans United for Life.  This website reports on efforts to enact legislation informing women of the physical and emotional consequences of abortion on a state-by-state basis.  Americans United for Life will provide language for model legislation for your state, if requested.  Women have the right to know all of the ramifications associated with induced abortion. (click here)
  • Latest Web Page from the National Cancer Institute: A well cooked bowl of factoids, by Joel Brind, Ph.D.; RFM News, March 23, 2002 (click here)
  • National Cancer Institute Revises Web Page on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Under Congressional Pressure. (click here)
  • Physician-Congressman warns colleagues: ABC a "health-care time bomb."  (click here)
  • ABC Suit filed in North Dakota (click here
  • Congressman Tom Coburn, M.D. Accuses the National Cancer Institute of Misleading the Public and Selectively Releasing Data. (click here)
  • U.S. House of Representatives Debates the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link and the Federal Funding of Abortifacients, like RU 486. (click here)
  • Congressman Dave Weldon, M.D. Writes Members of Congress About Abortion-Breast Cancer Link August 24, 1999. (click here)

Illinois Senate Resolution Calls For Task Force