The American Right to Life organization’s mission is to abolish the bloodshed of innocent children. In 2007, ARTL and Colorado Right to Life, declared that we will never support any legislation effectively terminating with, "... And then you can kill the Baby."

We have since that time rejected all legislation regulating the murder of Innocents. 

The body of research compiled on this website includes articles that promoted, for example, informed consent, leading to abortion. We acknowledge that regulations passed in the 1990s and early 2000s were inherently wrong, though sadly, the widely accepted practice of the time. 

Thus, while we adhere to the historical record, it does not imply that we endorse any of those legal strategies that conflict with our mission. 

The articles in this website, although compiled several years ago, are no less scientifically valid today than at the time Karen Malec gathered all her research. This site is still under construction, being reconstructed from previously published material. Our goal is to reproduce this website close to its original form, and, accordingly, there may be references to defunct organizations, out of print publications, and addresses / emails / phone numbers which may have been changed. There are no items for sale on this site. Use of this site constitutes acknowledgement of the preceding.